Quality Parts From a Quality Supplier. We Now Have The Factory Production Control Certificate (FPC) To Back Us


Onesite (Laser) Ltd are pleased to announce we have been awarded a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate which ensures that we conform to the requirements of BS EN 1090-1 2009/A1:2011 which is the European standard for the thermal cutting/profiling of steel and aluminum components. By proving that we conform to this EU standard, we are able to provide CE ready laser cut plate for steel structures up to and including Execution Class 3; EXC3.

Onesite (Laser) Ltd have a large customer base within the structural and architectural industry sectors due to our ability to react quickly to the short lead times required often with these types of contracts.  We do this whilst maintaining quality, service and keeping prices competitive.

Our programming software allows direct import of NC1 files and automatic part identification etching.

Our supply to EXC3 includes:

  • Flat parts
  • CNC formed parts
  • Engineered parts
  • Various surface finishes

You can have confidence that we are here to assist you with all your CE compliant laser cutting up to EXC 3 and that our laser cut parts will conform to all mandatory EU legislation and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

All stock materials are from CE approved suppliers/mills. We have stringent procurement where we specify chemical compositions to ensure the plate we receive is of the highest quality to improve the quality of the laser cutting, forming and secondary plating and galvanising processes up to standard BS EN ISO 1461.

As standard all materials are fully traceable and controlled electronically between our CAM and ERP system.

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