Weld Preparation

Remove all the issues with weld preparation on long parts for superior accuracy and quality over conventional methods.Weld preparation to varying depths and up to 45 degrees.


Countersink holes on the laser bed, so no need for second operations and additional handling costs. EdgeLine Bevel also automatically generates countersinks for screw connections.

For the first time, chamfering on both outer and inner contours can be produced on components large and small.

Round off edges

Round off the top edge automatically on the laser to avoid the risks involved by secondary operations. The ability to offer continuation of repeatable quality parts, months after month, year after year.

Preparing laser cut parts for welded assemblies is no longer a “by Hand” process. No more handheld tools, no more risk to sight and no more sound pollution when preparing parts. Total removal of the health and safety issues that goes hand in hand with out-of-date mechanical processes.

Edgeline Bevel Examples

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