Fladder 200 Gyro

Over the past several years Onesite (Laser) Limited have invested in surface finishing and edge preparation to improve, quality, aesthetics and safe handling.

In 2023 we see the arrival of our new Fladder 200 Gyro. Capable of processing sheets up to 3000 mm in length and 1200 mm in width.

The FLADDER® deburring system is known by:

  • Easier and faster deburring
  • Dry deburring without critical heating of the surface
  • Deburring without damaging protective foil or coatings
  • Controllable rounding of edges
  • Uniform deburring of edges around holes and outer contour
  • Processing of items with variable thickness in the same process
  • Uniform quality all over the work piece
  • Work pieces with contours or grooves deburred as deeply as 30mm

We are focussing our processing facility to look for parts processing that requires additional attention to both quality and detail. Our aim is to process parts over and above the expectations of our customers.

  • Better Quality
  • Less possibility of scratching
  • Better handling safety for operators, assemblers, welders
  • Reduced assembly issues by removing all cutting burrs
  • Significant improvements on wet painting and powder coated parts

Fiber lasers, by the process of the beam production, produce larger burrs
on aluminium and stainless parts. The Fladder 200 Gyro removes this issue
with a single pass-through process.

Fladder Examples

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