Now entering 2020 with a well-balanced 16 years’ trading experience, Onesite (Laser) limited welcomes the next decade with a good solid foundation for continued stability. We do not profess to be the biggest, we do not claim to be the best, we do not claim to be able to offer as service above and beyond our capabilities. Here at Onesite we are just being honest when we say, “we will put in 100% effort every time, to meet with your needs and expectations.

Our machinery purchases and investments are based on the best solution for our customers business’. We do not purchase machinery because it is claimed to be bigger, faster, longer, wider. We invest in the right machines that suit both our shared business needs.

The last 16 years have seen dramatic changes in the technology behind the service. Fiber technology has now settled to be the No.1 choice for most of the job shop sub-contractors, Onesite included. We continually look at how and where we can save processing time to reduce component cost. Fiber allows us to operate at a lower cost per KW of power.

Our plan for the next decade is to look at the quality of the part and how much more we can do before you receive it. Surface finish, second ops, coatings etc. Always feel free to let us know about any improvements that we can make to our service. Good constructive feedback is always welcomed and will be actioned.