A truly compact, powerful, flexible and accurate laser marking and engraving machine housed within its own robust workstation. The workstation protect the parts when being processed and is fully enclosed at all times when in production to eliminate outside component contamination. A machine that is built to last, thus providing our customers with high quality components on time every time. High speed production allows for 1 offs up to several thousand off without exception or error. The TruMark software allows for intricate and detailed data to be transferred to the component in multiple materials and finishes. A truly flexible and powerful laser marking machine for the sub contract only market sector.


Maximum work piece – 680 x 500 x 700 with a maximum weight of 50 kg. Materials marked – Stainless, Aluminium, Titanium, Plastics, Ceramics, Alloys, Coated materials. Sectors currently covered by Onesite LaserMark – merchandising, machinery spec plates, retail, advertising, company logos and business cards, CE identification labels and tags. Mark individual parts or multiple parts in one pass. No job too small, no job too large. Irregular shapes and surface finishes marked with ease.



What makes Onesite LaserMark stand out above and beyond the facilities of our competitors is that we invest in the latest technology and the latest design suites. We are able to shade tint and colour engrave, colour anneal, depth engrave, pattern engrave, pattern anneal, image reproduction and logo reproduction. Plus, we offer a full design facility for labels and identification plates. We use our knowledge of laser cutting to develop products and components to make you, our customer’s stand out from the crowd.


Onesite LaserMark offer various levels of engraving, from standard surface depletion to full deep engraving. To produce a deep engraving, the laser beam removes part of the material, creating a depression which can even be conical in shape. Standard engraving is excellent for identification plates and parts marking. Deep engraving works better with thicker materials where the engraved details form part of the aesthetic finish of the component. Engraving permanently changes the surface texture and appearance.



When a work piece is heated up using this process, its surface changes colour but is not damaged. Dirt or germs are unable to accumulate and contaminate. This process is excellent for the automotive, chemical and medical industry as part identification can be obtained without the chance of contamination. When material and laser wavelength are perfectly matched, it is possible to colour or bleach pigment molecules in specific ways. The surface remains smooth. We specialise in creating company promotional literature and identification plates using the annealing process.


Coated or painted metals, such as anodised aluminium can be marked by ablating the top layer. This process achieves a particularly high contrast and very fine detail can be viewed with perfect clarity. Multi-layer plastics can be marked by removing the thin top layer, e.g. to create day and night designs. Foaming: Following a brief melting operation, small gas bubbles become trapped in the material as it cools. These bubbles diffuse and reflect any light that strikes them, producing a raised marking. Ideal for plastic tags and labels.


Metals, Ceramics and Point of display, merchandising, identification plates, tags, labels. Tooling identification, stamps. The list is endless.


Point of display, merchandising, identification plates, tags, labels. Medical, Aerospace, Automotive. The limits are your ideas.


Identification tags, business cards, merchandising, tooling, electrical components.

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