Onesite Laser

Optimising the latest laser fiber technology we have a suite of Trumpf 3030 laser machine centres operating around the clock.

Our machines are designed to offer a high level of manufacturing flexibility at reduced costs ensuring each part laser cut, irrespective of thickness, is produced competitively.

Each part is quality checked so you can have confidence you will receive parts that meet your full specification and our quality systems cover ISO 9001:2015 and EN1090-1 Execution Class 3.

Our machines have all the optional additional features included to improve cutting performance and reduce costs for our customers. See below for more information on how just three of these technologies can help you.

HighSpeed Eco

What does this mean to you, our Customer? For applications where we can utilise Highspeed Eco cutting we can produce your parts faster and cheaper than normal laser cutting without compromising on quality.

Extremely quick
  • Up to 100% higher productivity and feed rate
  • Fastest piercing time and acceleration
Extremely economical
  • Up to 70% less cutting gas
  • Up to 60% lower cutting gas pressure
  • Lower power consumption


What does this mean to you, our Customer? No need to compromise on quality for your thicker plate requirements. Also, the technology allows us to achieve intricate detail not typical on standard lasers which could reduce your need for other secondary operations.

Higher quality and design flexibility
  • Improves the typical cut edge quality of normal laser cut components creating excellent edge quality up to 25mm thick
  • Robust process stability – specifically useful for thick mild plate
  • Can cut smaller contours in thick plate reducing the need for drilling operations

EdgeLine Bevel

What does this mean to you, our Customer? This technology is the first to allow a 2D laser cutting head to create a bevelled edge reducing your need for secondary operations and providing you with greater product design options.

Improve efficiency and reduce secondary operations
  • Bevel outside edges
  • Bevel internal edges, often impossible to access with manual grinders
  • Eliminate downstream processes
  • Improve design flexibility and part safety

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